A status on project OnVinyl

Posted by Philip Thruesen on 26. Feb, 2015

OnVinyl app in usage

It’s been just over a month since OnVinyl was launched

OnVinyl was launched on Record Store Day and since then a lot has already happened.

6000 record searches

About half of all image recognition searches returned the correct album. We aim for a much higher recognition rate and we’re confident that we will get there soon enough. We aim for recognizing all of them. OnVinyl’s recognition capability improves every time you search for an album. The OnVinyl project wouldn’t exist without your support and usage - In return we plan to improve your experience.

The project has just begun

Even though more than a year has passed since the project first began, we’re just getting started. Only simple and “proof of concept” functionality was released a month ago - we didn’t release a fully grown app because it’s important for us to include users like you in our decision making. That’s why we have created a six step plan for the next major updates based solely on user feedback.

What the future holds

1. Discogs Integration: OnVinyl focuses on making life easier for all record collectors. Having to update two different collections is a waste of time so for the Discogs users out there: We will connect your Discogs account to OnVinyl! Having OnVinyl’s data already completely linked with the Discogs database will create a smooth experience when we bring the functionality to the table.

2. Barcode Scanner: Scanning barcodes is a feature that is an obvious next step for OnVinyl and a great addition to the cover scan feature. Compared to our previous development iterations this upgrade should be fairly simple. However we'll take our time for the sake of quality - efficiency and effectiveness are a big deal.

3. Social Experience: Vinyl collecting isn’t just about acquiring records. It’s about sharing experiences and keeping up to date on news and events as well. The social features will grow in a direction that’s suitable for individuals and we’d like to make it possible for you to interact through comments on activities and recommendations.

4. Data Improvement: With great data comes great responsibility.. Seriously though, we are working on improving our data. We must be able to deliver more and correct data on all albums and releases. We won’t forget to add and improve cover art for both album stock- and user photos. In the future you’ll be able to set more image preferences and retake photos.

5. Collection Handling: Having a large collection requires better tools. Functionality for categorizing collections by genres, artist, etc. and sorting by different metadata can be helpful tools. We will focus on making the collection more “handy”.

6. Browse and discover: Sadly you do not always own the record you are interested in. That’s why you should be able to browse records and discover exciting releases. Having a wantlist will help you remember your discoveries.

We hope you’ll stick around (or come back) to see these new features as we add them to OnVinyl.

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